Associate’s Degree: Getting Your Career Started

There are a variety of subject offered with an associate’s degree. An associate’s degree takes, on average, two years full time to complete. Many students who complete an associate’s degree go on to have credits transfer toward a bachelor’s degree at a 4 year university. With an associate’s degree you can advance your career opportunities greatly without the committment risk of the traditional 4 year degree.

Yes, But Can I Get An Associate’s Degree Online?

Many associate’s programs are made available in an online setting, as well as on the evening and weekends, which helps adults with jobs and others with active schedules to complete their classes in their free time.

What Can I Study?

There are many different majors to choose from when considering an associates degree, pecific majors you can pursue at the associate’s level include automotive technology, health information technology, network security, information systems, business, childhood education, nursing and much more.

Are There Benefits of An Associate’s Degree?

Tuition is going through the roof so a expanding number of students are thinking about earning a two-year degree instead of a four-year degree. Community colleges and other institutions that offer two-year degrees often have inexpensive rates compared to traditional universities. An associate’s degree is also earned in only 2 years compared to a 4 year university resulting in less tuition payments and becoming gainfully employed sooner.

A Salary Increase

With the national unemployment rates soaring it is nice to know that students who have attained an associate’s degree have a lower unemployment rate than the national average. Also, people who have an associate’s degree attain a higher annual salary than those with no education at all. If you think an associate’s degree is for you, please fill out the form and get more information!

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