Bachelor’s Degrees

A bachelor’s degree is also called an undergraduate degree because it’s the degree that precedes graduate school. Employers favor this degree because it shows prospective employees commit to following through. They also view it as evidence that you’re a dependable person with the drive and dedication to complete a long-term task.

Testing & Requirements

Typically the prerequisites for a bachelor’s degree program are a GED or high school diploma. When accepting applicants, universities also consider other factors, such as high school grade point average and ACT/SAT scores. Universities will also look at your classes in high school, depending on your major; this may affect a student’s acceptance.

Can I Take Courses Online?

More often than not, universities offer online courses so students can effectively juggle a full-time job while earning a degree. There is a great chance that you will find an institution offering the course for your desired major.

What Are Some of the Areas of Study?

A vast variety of courses are offered to students seeking a four-year degree. Some of the courses include the following but aren’t limited to:

  • Physics
  • English
  • Computer Science
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Communications
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Art
  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Business

Can I get a Bachelor’s Degree?

One of the things standing in the way of attaining a bachelor’s degree is education or that lack of education. Since a bachelor’s degree is considered the standard for career advancement, start taking courses toward your degree today!

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